Captain Archer's Company

Captain Archer's Artillery Company

The Company's recreated Trayne of Artillery is named Captain Archer's Company after one of the officers serving in the Belvoir garrison during the Civil War and comprises Lucas' Third Company. In antiquity an artillery unit’s guns were taken to be its Colours but Captain Archer’s Company has been granted a Colour in its recreated form. The company Colour is shown under Colours.

The Company is commanded by Lieutenant Steve Kent and comprises two guns; Victory and Vanquish, identical foundry cast falconets mounted on authentic oak carriages with hand forged iron work and tyres all researched and built by Steve to original specifications.

Picture of victory, a falconet civil war gun Victory

Both peices fire a 2oz charge of black powder explosive on the battle field and are served by crews of both men and women ranging in age from teenagers to don't ask! 2oz may not sound like much but when you stand next to one of these guns in action you had better believe they make 2oz sound like a LOT!

If you would like to join the Artillery it would be useful to hold a current explosives license for black powder. These are free and are issued by your local Police Force running for a period of 12 months. Only license holders can perform duties on the gun crew involving the handling of black powder charges. Safety is paramount on Artillery duty and an active Gun Captain outranks even the most senior of officers where the safety of the crew, the piece or anyone nearby is concerned. As with all the Arms of Service full training will be given and any suitably trained, experienced and conscientious gunner can be put forward for their Gun Captain's test with a view to running one of the guns on the field.

To view more pictures of the construction of the guns Click Here.

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