The Baggage Trayne

Gervase Lucas' Baggage Trayne

The recreated Baggage Trayne of Lucas' Company is comprised of all the civilian and non-combatant members of the unit including the children. The Baggage form Lucas' support and logistics arm as well as being the main focus in any of our Living History displays.

The Company has no command structure as such although all of its members are subject to the military authority of the Company's officers when attached to the unit on the battlefield. Perhaps the most “senior” member of the Trayne is His Grace, Bishop Jones although other members fill positions varying from water carriers in support of fighting troops to candle making tinkers trying to pick your pockets!

Women of the Baggage Trayne
Women of the Baggage Trayne

The Baggage Trayne consists of around 20 stragglers and ne'er-do-wells. They provide much needed support and assistance to the Company and we simply could not function without them.

In camp the children play and beg, the women cook, spin, weave, scavenge and gossip, the men gamble, steal, eat, drink and carouse and they all just generally get on with life on campaign - there is always something going on amongst the tents! But do be careful - some of it might well earn you a spell in the stocks!

The Trayne are effectively the link between a battle display and the public. They can move between the two performing cameos and mingling with the crowds, answering questions and commenting on historical detail.

Soldiers Camp
Soldiers’ Camp

The Baggage Trayne really comes into its own on the battlefield however when the shooting finally stops. One of its grimmest and yet most important (not to mention profitable!) pastimes is the stripping and looting of the dead - anyone not quite at St. Peter's gate can easily be quieted down and seen on their way with a crafty dagger across the throat.

If you would like to join Lucas' Baggage Trayne then we would love to have you and you can do so straight away. You can take any role or persona from dignified lady to festering vagabond, drunken quack to venerable clergyman or hard working wagoner to lady of the night! - if you can imagine it come along and do it!

So if you fancy a 17th Century life following the Royalist Army along the green lanes of old England then join us today!

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