Select Bibliography

Select Bibliography

The following select bibliography includes a number of standard histories, representative biographies and certain of the contemporary works which are generally accessible in the form of recent reprints. Bibliographies including comments upon the reliability or bias of various sources my be found in such works as Ashley, Roots, Woolrych,etc., listed below. Certain of those listed ( Wagner, Lawson, Carman and costume histories, etc.) and some of the drill books and contemporary manuals do not bear directly upon events of the Civil Wars but cover the military theory, equipment and costume of the seventeenth century in a more general manner.

ACHESOME, J. The Military Garden (Edinburgh, 1629) (reprinted - Amsterdam and Norwood, New Jersey, 1974, in the series of reprints The English Experience, a useful series of facsimilies including such important works as Davies' Art of War (1619), Kellie's Pallas Armata (1627), Markham's Soldiers Exercise (1639), etc. Other contemporary pamphlets, The Kings Majesties Instructions (1642), His Majesties Instructions (1642), His Majesties Oxford (1643), etc., have been reprinted recently by The Toucan Press, St. Peter Port, Guernsey)

ADAIR, J. Cheriton, 1644 (Kineton, 1973)

ASHLEY, M. The English Civil War (London, 1974) (includes concise bibliography with pertinent comments)

ASHTON, M. The English Civil War (London, 1978)

ASQUITH, S. New Model Army 1645-60 (London, 1981)

ATKYNS, R & GWYN, J. The English Civil War ed. Young, P. & Tucker, N. (London, 1967) (reprints Atkyns' Vindication and Gwyn's Military Memoirs)

BURNE, A.H. & YOUNG, P. The Great Civil War 1642-46 (London, 1959)

CARLYLE, W.Y. (ed.) Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches (London, n.d.)

CARMAN, W.Y. British Military Uniforms from Contemporary Pictures (London, 1957)

CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, Earl of; History-of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England ed. Macray, W.D. (Oxford, 1888) (this edition is most complete; latest reprint 1969. Classic history but biased towards the Royalists and to some degree against the military in general)

COCKLE, M.J.D. Bibliography of Military Books up to 1642 (London 1900) (reprinted London 1978. Valuble work cataloguing all dill books and military treatises available at the beginning of the Civil War)

CRUSO, J. Militarie Instructions for the Cavallrie (Cambridge, 1632) (reprinted Kineton, 1972, with important commentary by P. Young)

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