Captain Plunkett's Dragoones.

Captain Plunkett's Dragoones.

The recreated Dragoon Company of Lucas' is named Captain Plunkett's Company after a notorious officer of the Belvoir Cormorants who was a personal friend of Prince Rupert's and was killed in action at Sproxton Heath during the Civil War. Captain Plunkett was described by his enemies as “the vilest villain among all the Cormorants of Belvoir Castle or Newark either”. The Dragoones form Lucas' Second Company. The company Colour is shown under Colours.

Dragoones surrounded by black powder smoke
Dragoones hidden by smoke

The Company is commanded by Lieutenant Keith Logan and consists of around 18 troopers including their corporalles and sergeant. They provide the Cormorant's firepower and in major battles are equally at home fighting in a block like musketeers or providing skirmishers to screen the King's Tertio. The Dragoones are the 17th Century equivalent of Wellington's Rifle Regiments - always in harm's way!

The Dragoones shoot a mixture of matchlock and flintlock pieces usually of 12 or 20 bore and in any length to suit the owners preference! Being in action with Lucas' Dragoones gives you a great impression of how the historical battlefield must have been with the balls flying, the troopers jostling and shouting, the roar of gunfire and the smoke rolling across the battlefield!

The Dragoones are a good bunch - happy and welcoming and protective of their own, but always happy to shoot you down or fall on you with the sword. Either way you will probably loose your boots and your wallet if they start plundering the dead on the field!

sword play by dragoones
Dragoones practice the sword

In real terms Dragoones are probably as close as you can get to the “Three Musketeers” of the big screen with their individualistic fighting style, tall boots and swashbuckling manner. Fighting aside, the troop boasts some prodigious dancers of an evening in the beer tent and we all like a glass with our mates at the Cormorants' barbeques and socials!

If you would like to join the Dragoones then we would love to have you and you can do so immediately. All untrained or non firing personnel take the field with non firing muskets or carbines and full training is given to get you up to standard whereby you can pass the Society's Musket Test and buy your own piece. However musket owners must all have shotgun licenses and a black powder explosives certificate before you can start firing away!

Training for the sword fighting is also available. Swords can be purchased from Sealed Knot traders and once you pass your sword test off you go to fight with others!

If you fancy being a 17th Century Sharpe in a unit of the vilest Rob-carriers under the King's Colours then join us today!

More details are available by using our online enquiries form.