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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the most commonly asked questions about the Sealed Knot and Sir Gervase Lucas' Company.

What is the Sealed Knot?

The original Sealed Knot was a secret Royalist organisation which in the 1650’s worked for the restoration of the monarchy and took its name from the chain on the Order of the Garter which links sealed knots with Tudor roses.

The present Sealed Knot was founded in 1968 by Brigadier Peter Young DSO, MC, FSA and is far from a secret society. Indeed it has become a British institution and today is one of the largest military re-enactment societies in Europe. The society is a non profit making organisation, but the spectacular recreation of the battles and skirmishes of the Civil War, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands, has helped raise over £1 million for charity. At the same time, the Sealed Knot is a voluntary society of enthusiasts and friends from all walks of life who meet to indulge their common interests. The purpose and aims of the society also include the promotion of research into, and the stimulation of public interest in, the history of the English Civil War. This has led to a wealth of research into the period, shedding new light on the armies of the 17th century.

Do you need to know about history?

No, although you will pick up a certain amount along the way.

What sort of people join?

Membership is open to any individual, male or female, or to families. The only conditions are that children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the battlefield, nor will any regiment accept membership of unaccompanied pesons under the age of 16.

Will I have to fight?

Although the majority of members take part in the fighting there is always room in one of the many non–combatant roles such as drummers, water carriers, etc. some even take the role of battlefield preachers or whores.

Is it dangerous?

No more than any other contact sport. Bumps and bruises can occur, but because of the weapons we carry safety is foremost at all times and a professional medical team is on hand at all major events.

What about buying all that equipment?

Members will need their own uniforms and personal weapons but it need not be too expensive or all bought at once. Uniforms can be obtained from the merchants in the Sealed Knot. Alternatively you can purchase the materials and patterns and make your own uniforms if you so desire. Advice on all aspects of uniform can be obtained from the Quartermaster.

How much time does it take up?

There is no obligation to attend any of the events or activities if you do not wish to do so but you will soon find that there is far more to the Sealed Knot than you imagined. For most the Sealed Knot is a year round source of comradeship and enjoyment, combining a unique blend of living history, physical excitement and sheer good fun!

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