Captain Overton's Company

Captain Overton's Pike Company

The recreated Pike Company of Lucas's is named Captain Overton's Company after one of Sir Gervase Lucas' serving officers at Belvoir Castle during the Civil War. The Pike were always considered to be the superior type of soldier during the 17th Century and as such form Lucas' First premier Company. The Company Colour is shown under Colours.

Modern pike push

Pike coming together

The Company currently has a muster roll around 14 including non-commissioned officers. The Pike provide the Belvoir Cormorant's muscle and pushing power. In battle the pike must either fight their enemy at the point, using their 16ft weapons to thrust and stab, or at the push whereby they literally attempt to roll their enemies over and force them from the field.

woodcut of 17thC pikeman
17thC woodcut of Pikeman

Pikemen need a competitive nature and although a fair degree of muscle and energy helps, being keen and up for the fight makes all the difference. Rugby players make excellent pikemen!

Pike fighting is probably the most physically exerting form of combat in the Sealed Knot. To be effective you will need to be drilled in the handling of your weapons - we will see to it that you are trained to the highest standard and backed up by dedicated comrades!

The Pike are regarded as the shock troops of the Army. Armoured in morion helmets, with back and breast or buff leather coats, they are a fomidable force to be reckoned with. They are also usually one of the most economical troop types to outfit and they do not require licenses or irritating paperwork.

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